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Keeping our school safe:

Please remember to arrive and leave at the correct times at both the primary and secondary phase.  This ensures pupils are kept within their bubbles.  Clear signs are up around the primary site and the grid below will support your planning for the secondary.  You will find hand sanitisers at the entrance to every single classroom - and pupils are expected to use these.  Year 7 and 8 are keeping in one space for the time being, with teachers travelling to them.  Year 9-11 will be moving a little around the site for all their GCSE options - which is why we insist on these pupils wearing masks in social spaces around the site.

It is vital we keep safe and support each other at these times - we have been impressed with our Terrific Trinitarians.  Stay safe.

Face coverings

As a result of the Government’s announcement on 25th August and as an extension to our risk assessment we are adding a plain face mask to our school uniform requirements at the secondary phase. They should be black, blue or grey with no patterns and is another measure we think is appropriate at this time to support our safe environment. They should only be worn in social spaces within the building. It is vital they are taken off at classroom doors, placed safely away and then hands sanitised before entering a classroom. We have hand sanitiser machines outside every room. Pupils will also take them off to eat. It is vital they sanitise their hands after touching their mask. Please do also make sure that your child has a suitable face covering for travelling on public transport.

Pupils must have their own mask and these should be changed or washed frequently. Please follow this link from Health England explains how to wear masks -

If you think you have a medical condition that exempts you from wearing a face covering please contact your Head of Year.

Exam results 2020

We are extremely proud of all our pupils.  It has been a challenging year for all of us, but particularly so for those on their journey towards the exams that are crucial for their progression towards their chosen career path.  Our pupils are encouraged to have high expectations of themselves and we work hard in building pupils confidence and aspirations.  To support the schools grading of our pupils their work during the past two years had to be taken into account and their progress and attainment across a wide variety of evidence.  The results are exceptional.  There will not be any performance tables this year, due to the circumstances we are in, but we wish to share with you some of our individual stories that will help you understand how amazing our pupils are.  They truly are Terrific Trinitarians - of which we will not be able to express all their results, but a selection to show our comprehensive nature.

  • Our highest performing pupil has 10 grade 9's, one for every subject he studied.  This is the highest grade you can get and is only awarded to the top 3% nationally in each individual subject.  This includes English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, French, Geography and RE.  He also achieved a Distinction* in Engineering as well as an A* in Additional Maths and an A* in Latin during year 10.
  • We had another pupil gain 9 grade 9's, a Grade A* in Additional Maths and Latin as well as 1 grade 8.  Pupils tend to get exceptionally high grades in one or several similar subjects, not often across the majority of subjects.
  • A further pupil  gained 8 grade 9's with a further 2 qualifications at grade 8  (grade 7 is classed as a grade A).
  • We had a further 13 pupils who gained at least one grade 9 and a mixture of grade 8 and 7's.
  • Around 25% of pupils gained a grade 7 (grade A) or higher in English and Maths.  We have a mixture of abilities at Trinity and all worked hard to achieve their highest grades.  Grade 5 is classed as a good pass (high grade C / Low grade B) - we had over 60% achieving this across all their subjects and also over 80% of pupils gain a standard pass (grade 4, which is a low C) across their subjects – this is above that announced national average today.  We have pupils that also struggle academically at school and these also achieved the grades required to secure their progression onto courses post 16. 
  • All pupils have gained qualifications to progress into year 12.  Our careers guidance and advice team have worked hard to ensure all our pupils have places offered and will continue to follow them on their continued journey.

We would also like to celebrate the achievements of pupils who left us 2 years ago and went off to sixth form and are now preparing for university. 

Amongst those wonderful successes of pupils going on to Higher Education are Charlie Taylor who left Trinity with a Maths scholarship for Sixth Form to Babington College. Charlie achieved amazing A Level results A*A*A and is now going on to do a degree apprenticeship in  Electronic Engineering with a company called Thales. Charlie will do his BSc in Electronic Engineering with Southbank University whilst working with Thales in their Stratford office. This opportunity pays a salary as well as sponsoring his university fees.

Congratulations to Ezra Standing who, having achieved  A*A*B at A Level, has secured a place at Durham University.

Trinity is also immensely proud of our two Oxbridge candidates. Juan Garcia Valencia achieved A*A*A* A in his A Levels and is starting at St Hilda’s College, Oxford to read Geography.

Joash Hanciles achieved A*A*A  and goes on to read Classics at Cambridge.

We wish all our alumni the best of luck and look forward to hearing from them in the future and having them return to Trinity to inspire our pupils to work hard and aspire to be the very best they can be.

Start of Term arrangements

Staff are back for training on Wednesday 2nd of September.  We then have induction for Year R and Year 7 on the Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th of September.  All pupils should return to school on Monday 7th September.  We have worked hard to make sure our school is ready for all pupils to return and a detailed letter was sent to all families in July.  We will be having different start and end times for each year groups as well as different entry points. Every entrance and every classroom has a wall mounted hand sanitiser that pupils will be required to use.   Each year group is a separate bubble and will be kept apart from other year groups - which is why it is vital that pupils arrive at the correct time window and at the correct entrance.  We have detailed plans to ensure pupils get their break and lunch times without mixing between bubbles as well - again this was explained in all the letters that we sent out at the end of last term.  Please click here for a copy of the specific detailed letters that were sent out.

Letter from Lewisham about return to school -  click here

Information about returning to school from Lewisham authority - click here

Government advice for Primary parents from the DFE - click here

Government advice for Secondary parents from the DFE - click here

Black Lives Matter at Trinity and across Lewisham

A message form Pinaki Ghoshal, Lewisham’s Executive Director for Children and Young People and Angela Scattergood, Director of Education.

The Mayor of Lewisham, Damien Egan has published a statement on behalf of Lewisham Council in response to the killing of George Floyd in the United States. You can read the full statement here:

We believe that our schools and settings are key to tackling racism and other forms of discrimination. We will support all Lewisham schools and settings in their commitment to standing against racism and injustice, alongside and in solidarity with the local and global Black community

Trinity statement:

On Monday 25th May an unlawful murder of George Floyd took place in Minneapolis in the USA. We condemn this unlawful killing of a black man. The Trinity family stand united in our commitment to tackle and challenge racism, address inequality and call out discrimination.  Everyone must be treated equally. 

I have been working with all Lewisham leaders this week and we all stand together on this.  As educators of a school population which is 76% Black and ethnic minority we cannot remain silent.

What is racism?

Believing that people of a different race are less valuable and treating them differently. 

At Trinity our Ethos is to Learn, Love and Live. Our curriculum is built upon the standpoint that we need to be courageous advocates - to fight injustices, to love one another and to live good lives. Our equalities statement is clear ...  The School actively seeks to promote an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and where all staff and pupils are encouraged to fulfil their full potential.

We ensure that everything we do helps to:

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010
  • Advance the equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not
  • Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those that do not

There are two very good resources that I wish to share.   Jelani Memory - A kids book about racism and Let's talk about Race by Julius Lester.  Please watch the youtube clips of the authors reading their work by clicking the titles.  They are child centred and would form a great discussion tool for you and your family.  Our school chaplains assembly this week is also on Racism, with questions to make you think and reflect.  Please do use these resources at home.  Another online resources can be found here:‚Äč

The key messages in these books are around valuing differences, and understanding that ultimately we are all the same.  Beneath our clothes and skin we are all the same. No matter what our skin colour, gender or sexuality is - we are all the same. Being different is good. It brings so many ideas, different strengths, creativity, wisdom, insight and originality. Trinity’s diversity therefore makes our environment a rich experience for all and an amazing place to be. 

The murder of George Floyd must  prompt careful reflection about racism in Britain today, and the extent to which it shapes our values, politics and economic life.

Our community needs and deserves to feel safe in the belief that its leaders condemn all acts of racism and violence and moreover that they believe racism is an abhorrence that we as a school leaders across Lewisham reject.

Lewisham Leaders have a duty to address systemic racism in our society and we uphold this in our united condemnation of the unlawful murder of a black man George Floyd.

Learning loving living - at Trinity we are always fighting injustices and standing together. 

Stay safe, strong and united. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) / Homelearning

COVID 19 has not gone and at Trinity we take the health and safety of our school community extremely seriously.  We have worked with Health England, the Department for Education, Lewisham Local Authority and the Diocese to make sure all our practices fulfil the guidelines and that our buildings are safe for all to attend.  Procedures are in place if anyone does get ill and if we have to close specific bubbles down due to any developments we have plans in place to enable this to happen and for pupils to continue to learn from home.  The primary phase will be directed straight away to specific online work and the secondary phase will all be logged into TEAMS to ensure their teachers can deliver lessons if we have to close down.  During the first two weeks of term we will ensure all secondary pupils have logged into TEAMS and know how to use it.  Teachers will be using this throughout the year to set homework on and also to develop some pre-learning resources.  Humanities are trialling some small video's for pupils to watch each week before their learning to help develop their understanding before the teacher begins in class.  All of this will support the fluid use of technology along with live learning at Trinity.

Some additional websites you can use to support home learning can be found below:

Thank you for your continued support at this time.

David Lucas

Welcome by David Lucas - Executive Headteacher

I am very proud to address you as Executive Headteacher of this unique ‘all-through’  school.  Trinity is a warm, welcoming, friendly school where all pupils are happy learners.  Your child is the most important person to you and to us.  Every child deserves the best possible start in life and nothing is more important than a good education.  Please click HERE to see more.



Further to the consultation on uniform that recently took place the governors and Executive Headteacher have considered all the responses, and have decided to make minor amendments and clarify our uniform policy without making any substantive changes. We had under 5% of the school population respond to the consultation, and of those that responded we had points raised equally from opposite
perspectives. We did consider all the points raised and feel that as the response was low, we can conclude that on the whole parents are happy with the uniform we have. As several parents pointed out, any major changes would have cost implications and many felt the uniform was both smart and flexible. Our uniform allows us to be seen as a collective community, gives our pupils a clear identity, and is one of our unique selling points. It can also promote a sense of inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

We have had several people question supplier and quality, and the governing body had asked the school to investigate this earlier this year, a process that occurs at regular intervals. The school reviewed the quality, standards and reviews on line of all providers and came to the conclusion that our current provider was the most appropriate option considering quality, cost and service. We have subsequently
passed on to our supplier all feedback from the survey to help them develop and improve their products and service. We thank all the parents, guardians, teachers and pupils who fed back on the consultation. We agree with feedback that in the past the standards have not always been easy to apply, as there were several unclear aspects of the uniform policy. We have therefore taken this as an opportunity to
clarify our uniform in the grid below and will expect these standards across the school from September 2020. The PE sweatshirts in the primary are optional, and will be phased out over time in favour of the PE hoody currently worn in the secondary. Spare uniform will be kept at the school to ensure pupils without the correct uniform can be dressed appropriately. Please do read the information in the grid carefully and check your son / daughters uniform does comply with this policy. Thank you once again for your support.

Please also see the addition of the face mask during this COVID time, where pupils within the secondary phase will need to bring a plain mask to school each day.  These must be worn in social spaces, in particular the corridors of the school.

School App

Please click on the heading above to take you to the log in for our new school App.  We launched it just this week . . . All secondary parents and pupils have a log in and should be able to access the site.  You can download the WeDuc App on your phone or any tablet as well as look on any Internet browser.  This information was emailed to all parents - so please do check out your inbox / junk box in case it is hidden.  Parents and pupils have their own separate account - and therefore separate log in.  Do contact the school office if you are unsure / having difficulties.  This will become the main method of communication with parents.  It will show parents curriculum information / timetable; attendance; home learning and academic reports.  You will be able to contact the office, and in the secondary phase email direct to each teacher.  Do not worry if you are a primary parent -this will be launched with  you before Christmas . . . watch this space.



Trinity music department offers a unique opportunity for its pupils to learn a musical instrument at an extremely attractive cost.  Click on buttons below for me information.




Cold weather

As we move now into autumn we move away from summer and need to remember to dress appropriately.  All pupils should be wearing school shoes, the jumper in primary and a blazer (and a jumper if they wish) in secondary.  School coats should be worn as well.  Please label all coats to ensure they do not get lost.  If we do get adverse weather please assume the school is open.  If it is not we will get a message onto the school website / send texts (please make sure we have your most up to date  mobile number) / send a message on the school App.  If you do not hear anything assume it is open as usual.

Internet Safety - London Grid for Learning 

Keep yourself safe when online! There are many documents to help parents manage online activity through the London Grid for Learning website. Click HERE for more information.


For additional information from National On-line Safety can also be found on their facebook page  Facebook: