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Home and School Agreement

The school rules below are a guide for pupils and parents to ensure that learning and progress can be made at all times.

In the classroom

  • Attend lessons on time.
  • Do not speak when the teacher is talking in class.
  • Remove outdoor clothing before entering the classroom.
  • No interrupting and calling out in class.
  • Enter the room quietly ready for work , sit upright in class,  have a fully stocked pencil case and journal on the desk ready for learning.
  • Actively engage in learning by: asking for help if needed, complete class/homework set by the teacher, and catch up missed work.

In and around the school

  • Follow teacher’s instructions first time every time.
  • Move between lessons quickly and quietly walking on the left as you do so.
  • Attend detentions when they are set.
  • Eating may only take place in the school canteen, learning deck or outside playground.
  • No damaging school property.
  • No chewing gum anywhere on site.
  • Show respect to staff and listen well by: giving them eye contact, standing still when spoken to and not interrupting staff who are speaking.
  • Water only permitted.  Fizzy drinks will be confiscated and binned.
  • Bring musical instruments when required for music lessons.
  • No backchat/rudeness to staff or each other.
  • No play fighting.
  • No swearing or abusive language.
  • No running/pushing/shouting in the corridor.
  • Move between lessons quickly and quietly walking on the left as you do so.

 Confiscated items will be returned at the end of term of at the teacher’s discretion.