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    House Structure

    The House System at Trinity provides a sense of belonging to a smaller community within the wider Trinity family, which spans all ages and is cross phase, providing pupils with opportunities to be involved in broader aspects of school life and to be rewarded for efforts and achievement in all areas. Each of the 4 Houses have Senior and Junior House captains to lead and motivate their House to engage with a wide range of opportunities, from raising money for charities, House debates, sporting competitions to departmental challenges.

    Each secondary student is given a house badge during their time at school, which represents their house.  House badges are part of the Trinity uniform and must be displayed on the lapel of the blazer. Primary students wear a jumper bearing their house colour as well as a black and white striped tie with an additional stripe in their house colour.

    The Trinity house system develops students’ social, team-working and organisational skills. The House system is built around are ethos  – LEARNING – LOVING – LIVING and our vision, “living life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

    We encourage our students to:
    • Engage in a diverse range of activities
    • Participate in healthy competition
    • Develop a sense of community cohesion and
    • Show compassion for other people.
    At Trinity we believe that having a house system helps support our students by:
    • Fostering respect, consideration and courtesy  throughout the school community;
    • Encouraging positive self-esteem amongst students and promoting the values and ethos of the school community;
    • Providing opportunities to obtain the essential life skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing society;
    • Providing chances of equality of opportunities as well as encouragement so that students can realise their full potential;
    • Promotion of student responsibilities, leadership skills and collaboration.
    There are 4 houses:
    • Gabriel                       
    • Michael                      
    • Raphael
    • Zadkiel
    The History of the Houses:

    The house names represent four archangels.


    ‘’Righteousness of God’ the archangel of freedom, benevolence and mercy and the Patron Angel of all who forgive.


    ‘’God is my strength’’ the archangel who serves as a messenger for God.


    ‘’One who is like God’’– head of the archangels.


    ‘The angel of the spirits of men’’ and it is his business to ‘’heal the earth’’.

    HOUSE CAPTAINS 2021-2021