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Key Worker and Vulnerable pupil provision

We have organised a provision for the pupils of our parents who are Key Workers and for those that are vulnerable.  Key Workers are those that work within the following:

  • Health and social care
  • Education and childcare
  • Emergency Services
  • Public safety and national security
  • Transport
  • Key national and local government
  • Food and other necessary goods
  • Utilities and communication

If you are a key worker and you have someone at home that is not within this sector then the children are expected to be at home.  Those that are Vulnerable are those with allocated social workers and those with Educational Health Care Plan's.  We have contacted our vulnerable families and asked all our families to identify themselves as Key Workers.  For those that have asked for a provision we will be open from Monday 23rd March.  If you have not spoken to us and feel you fit within this category please do phone the school on our main number to confirm you fit in this category and to ensure a place is reserved for you.  Names of pupils need to be booked into this service - you can not just turn up for this service.

Our provision will be at Trinity Primary Phase building from Monday 23rd March.  We will be providing support over Easter for those that have requested it.  We have messaged, emailed and phoned all those that originally spoke to us about requiring support and as a result have co-ordinated support over Easter with 3 other local schools.  Our provision has been set up with these families directly and will ensure that all our key workers over Easter will be able to continue to do their vital jobs.  We wish to thank you all for your amazing support during this challenging time.

After Easter we will resume our provision for those that need us and fit into the Key Workers category above. Our main provision will be following the normal school day, from 0845 to 1515.  Pupils should arrive at the Primary Main office from 0830 to 0845.  They will be told where to go on arrival.  Pupils will be working on the packs provided by the school and on IT based platforms.  They will have a break and lunch will be provided for all of these pupils during this time.  We will have teachers and support staff to help pupils complete the work set.

Primary pupils will be expected to be picked up as normal from the front office at 15.15.  Those of secondary age will be dismissed at this time to go straight home on their own.  We will update this page as and when the government makes new announcements.  Please look after each other at this time, and if you need anything do phone the school during school hours to ask any questions.  Take care.