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The objectives in the mathematics curriculum at Trinity Primary have been taken and adapted from the new mathematics curriculum. Each objective has been broken down into four parts in order to enable differentiation for each child. The curriculum for each Year has been attached below. The grey column indicates where children are expected to be at the end of the year in order to be meeting national expectations. The objectives written in red are Key Assessment Objectives (which are explained in the Assessment section).

At Trinity, we believe that ICT plays an essential part in the learning of mathematics. We currently have enough ipads for one between two children in every class and these are regularly used. We frequently use the Squeebles maths apps and symphony maths to consolidate basic skills and will be trialling new online learning platforms Mathletics and IXL in Year Three this academic year. Please see your child's contact book or class teacher for their usernames and passwords. 

Please click on one of the headings to find out more about the teaching and learning of mathematics at Trinity Primary.