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Secondary Learning



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Welcome to the Secondary Page for Home Learning.  The aim is to provide work for all our pupils to ensure they continue to make progress whilst we are closed during this difficult time.  Our staff will be providing work via our school app - which is a platform that all pupils should be able to access.  Pupils are expected to work the normal school day whilst at home.  Please encourage your son / daughter to complete all the tasks set, and do check them for their quality and detail.  It is important that we work together to ensure pupils continue to learn and do not fall behind.

**** Please do monitor the amount of work your son / daughter is doing.  Talk to them about their learning.  The work is crucial and will count towards end of year / course grades.  Year 10 in particular are working on content that is part of their GCSE's - so vital they complete it to the best of their ability*****

The school has also recently invested in Microsoft 365 and Teams.  Some classes after Easter will move to using Teams as well - which enables more direct teaching to take place live with pupils.  Watch this space.

All pupils have had training on how to log into the school app - Weduc.  If you have not yet downloaded this app you can from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  You can also access this app via any computer - click here to take you to the Weduc sign in page. See information below and carry on reading under these images.

There is a document below that gives you advice on how to use Weduc. All pupils have their own login that is personal to them which links all their teachers to their account.  All parents also have their own separate account, with a different login.  If you or your son / daughter is having difficulties with logging on please do call the school.  They will be able to support you or get a member of the IT team talk you through how to set up Weduc.  Getting this to work is crucial.  There is a document attached at the bottom of this page that can support you to retrieve forgotten passwords as well.

A List of websites you can click on can be found below.  These will help with studies at home as well.

Pupils should contact their teacher directly via the messaging service on Weduc if they have any questions / problems.  All our teachers, as long as they are well, will be online during the day to be able to respond to pupils.  Pupils will be asked to demonstrate what they have achieved.  Please also see a specific letter for parents and pupils in year 11 with regards to the governments plans on giving pupils grades.

There are many ideas on what you can do to support your child's wellbeing whilst being at home as well:

  1. Offer to wak a dog for a neighbour
  2. Learn Origami
  3. Offer to shop for someone who needs to self-isolate (do not make contact, you need to stand at least 3 meters away when dropping things off).
  4. see if any elderly neighbours or people living alone near you would appreciate a phone call each day (no visiting).
  5. Walk or run, preferably in a green space, every day.  You need to make sure you keep at least 3 meters away from anyone you meet.
  6. Learn a new skill e.g. knitting, crochet, printing, life drawing.  Look online for videos and ideas.  
  7. If you have a musical instrument at home practice regularly and look online to see how you can improve
  8. Play games as a family to break up the day - get that monopoly board out to help you.
  9. Brush up on  your cooking skills.  Have a bake off challenge or come dine with me competition at home.
  10. Grow something indoors
  11. If you have a garden spend time in it - fresh air is great
  12. Make a game for your family to play