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Year 10 - Head of Year Ms Samantha Clarke


Year 10 pupils really do ‘live life in all its fullness’ at Trinity.  Pupils complete their work experience placement and cover the substantive content of their GCSE courses.  There are opportunities for foreign travel during activities week and philanthropic development through work with Envision. By the end of the academic year, Year 10 pupils will make up the prefect team and represent the school as Head Boy and Head Girl.  At Trinity we support our pupils to ensure they really do make the most of this year.  Our homework programmes and intervention strategies ensure that no child is left behind.  As we head ever closer to final examinations we also place a great emphasis on mental health through our PSHE programme and bespoke interventions including Counselling and Drama Therapy.  Year 10 is a year for flourishing; we build resilience so pupils can develop into knowledgeable, insightful, independent young adults.
The Year 10 Pastoral Team consists of professional, dedicated hardworking teachers who are fully committed to ensuring that students in their care learn and thrive. Both the Year 10 Progress Leader and Deputy Year 10 Progress Leader are also committed to the pursuit of excellence for all of our students. We have a family ethos and we believe in working closely in conjunction with parents. We encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns about their child or their time in school.  Together we will ensure that students in Year 10 really do ‘live life in all its fullness’ 

Ms Sam Clarke

Head of Drama




 The Year 10 team can be contacted on the following addresses:  



Email Address
Ms S Clarke
 Ms N Alvarez
Mrs Dhesi
Mr Erijivwo
Mr Omar
Ms V Adnitt
Ms Williams
Mr P Wynter


The Year 10 team comprise of : 


Family Group

Family Group Leaders

Deputy Family Group Leader


10 NDH

Narinda Dhesi

PWY Paul Wynter

Hist 1

10 RER

RER Raymond Erijivwo


English 4

 10 AOM

AOM Aaron Omar

SWI Siobhan Williams

Languages 1

 10 VAD

VAD Victoria Adnitt

  English 3

 SCL Samantha  Clarke

 Year Progress Leader  

NAL Nicole Alvarez

 Deputy Progress Leader