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Teaching and Learning

At Trinity, we take a mastery approach to learning mathematics. To this end, teachers will choose an objective for the week and ensure there is ample opportunity for each child to learn the objective at his or her personalised level, using the model outined below:


This is where the concept is introduced to the children, often through a 'hook' or something which will engage and make the learning fun.


This is where practice is completed by the child, using the new skill which has been taught.


This is where the child is given the opportunity to practice the skill using harder numbers, within smaller time frames, or with less support.

Apply and Enrich

This is where children are asked to use their learning in a different context, perhaps within word problems or open ended tasks. It is where the child has the opportunity to problem solve and be investigative with their mathematics.    


If a new skill is not used regularly, it is easily forgotten. At the end of every week, children have the opportunity to review the skills they have learned throughout the year in their mathemtics sessions, independently completing a 'maths review', which is tailored to the level they are currently working at.